Injecting Some E-Commerce into DTech Canada!

We’re very proud to announce our latest website launch – DTech Canada (2012) Inc., an e-commerce website.

Here at Cohesive, we’ve been fortunate to have DTech Canada as one of our long-time clients.

DTech Canada (2012) Inc. is the Canadian distributor for DIPACO and DTech diesel products. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and operating since 2008, DTech Canada sells and distributes diesel parts and components across the country.

The company’s growth over the past few years necessitated a better way to serve their customer base, and they decided it was time to offer an e-commerce solution for their products.

Cohesive relished the opportunity to rejuvenate the existing website and to offer online purchasing to the client base that has been growing along with the company.

The website features fuel pumps, turbochargers, injectors, install kits, glow plugs, and a variety of other parts for Dodge, Ford, GM, and more.

The ability to offer their products for sale online will allow DTech Canada to further their growth and provide their customers with the most comprehensive customer service.

We were happy to be a part of it, and would be thrilled to help your business either enter the world of e-commerce, or refine your online sales solutions to dovetail more cohesively into your workflow and inventory.

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