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Adwords – paid online advertising



Adwords is Google’s paid advertising platform where you pay when someone clicks on your ad. Showing up in the search results is technically free; you only pay on the click, hence the term pay per click (ppc). You set limits on how much you want to pay per day but the price you pay per click is determined by a bid process and you have no control over that. Continue reading

Mobile in 2015

images732V1PS4Mobile marketing, that part of your marketing strategy and budget, focused solely on mobile search is going to change in the coming year. If you already have a responsive site, that’s a great start but if you want to survive and thrive in the mobile space, you are going to need to have a strategy that includes mobile but does not forget the traditional platforms – we call that integrated marketing.

Google has said that in 2015 mobile searches will account for more than half of all searches. Consumers are spending more time interacting with their brands of interest on mobile and they are feeling more comfortable looking for information and answers away from their fixed devices.

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Online Video Works!

I consider myself to be a very good handyman, able to repair just about any household item and having built a number of structures. Our refrigerator was making a clicking noise when the door was opened and nothing I could think of appeared to be the cause. So time to go online and see what I could find out.

Of course, because I was pretty certain I could fix it, I started looking for the parts catalogue so I could see the exploded breakdown and make a reasonably educated guess as to the offending part. I did find the parts catalogue and also found a couple of videos (from one of the online appliance parts stores). I decided that it could not hurt to have a look; might even learn something. Continue reading

What are you really selling?

Steak, sizzle or that full feeling?steak sizzle

One of the principle of selling talks about finding the need behind the need. Not necessarily what the customer says he wants but what does he really need. The key point is if we don’t ask the question, how do we know? We need to engage the prospect in a conversation before we tell them what they need. What is it that my customers want? How do they want to feel after they use my product?

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How to Generate Qualified Leads

The movie Field of Dreams was a good movie in my opinion, as it entertained me with a good story for a couple of hours, but the fact is it was fiction. The concept of “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply to your website.

Build it and they will come

Build it and they will come

Creating a new website can be a good start, but that doesn’t mean search engines like Google will rank it well and that people searching for your type of business will find it or buy from you.

Let’s look at it this way, if we build a baseball diamond on a farm somewhere outside of Winnipeg and expect people to know about, just because we built it, do you really think people will just show up?. I doubt the Winnipeg Goldeyes would show up, never mind the Chicago Black Sox.

It’s important Continue reading

Peer to peer

It used to be that if you tell 10 people and they tell 10 people, and so on, soon 100 people would have been told. It tookpeer to peer a while, certainly not measured in seconds, but eventually it got out. Today, with the onset of social media and the pervasive use of online and mobile technology, the same principle still applies but it happens at light speed and is only limited by the number of contacts a user has; most are a lot more than 10.   Continue reading

Knowledge=Power, Google=Knowledge, Does Google=Power?

When your brand is used as a transitive verb, adjective and participle, I believe it can be unequivocally said that you have reached the highest status of brand recognition.

Obscure Childhood SongsThe absolute monopoly Google has over what we know and the access to information came to light the week before last when Google suffered a service outage. I needed to look something up, went to Google it and became completely lost. Google was down. The path to the knowledge highway was inaccessible. This short outage resulted in a 40% global dip in traffic. In my long Internet career, this was only the second time that Google had failed me. The first being when I tried to find a version of a childhood memory of “A Quarter Has a Caribou on it”, and now this. Continue reading

Traditional marketing isn’t quite dead

Several years ago, some of our industry pundits were indicating that the traditional methods of advertising and marketing were no longer of value and all of your marketing spend ought to be put into social and online efforts and something called community based marketing.

Whileimages732V1PS4 it is true that more and more buyers are doing their research online and gathering the information they need to help make a buying decision, and some even buy online, staying top of mind means being seen and heard in a variety of formats and places.

Today, it is all about creating and maintaining awareness of your company, its products or services and how they can help the buyer with their emotional and logical needs. The challenge is that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and you now have only seconds to register with your future customer or they will move on.

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Electronic Brochure or Lead Generating tool?

The days of just having an online presence are long gone.  I consider a website that doesn’t change an electronic brochure and Google does as well. The majority of people do some research online before purchasing a product or service. So having a website that has up to date information is important and two key things you must think of:

1) Are you giving the online viewer the opportunity to easily request any additional information they need in order to finalize their decision?

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The Pride of .ca - Made in Canada
You’ll have to pardon the patriotic nature of this post – it comes with the territory of posting the day before Canada Day.

At times brands that have a presence both in Canada and the U.S. and one of the trepidations that occurs is branding oneself as being ‘too Canadian’. For whatever reason, we can sew a Canadian flag on our backpacks, we can put “Made in Canada” on labels but when it comes to online marketing, even something as basic as a domain extension, there is a jolt of ‘are we sure we want to do this?’

The funny thing is, more than ever, we’re no longer living in the ‘dot com’ world – rather we’re in the ‘dot somethingorother’ realm. Continually, hosts are coming up with new extensions that we all want to buy into, and to an extent we do, if for no other reason than to protect our business names from being bought up by unsavoury companies who’d charge larger amounts that standard retailers.

It almost seems counter intuitive to patriotize yourself in the global community. How many American companies do you see, for example, that have “.us” as part of their website address?

Here’s the reality folks – the same way we wear the red and white proudly in our business’s daily life is the same thing we should do online. Is there nothing that says “I am Canadian” more than dot ca in the virtual world?

When you choose to brand your online presence with the Canadian extention, you say to the world,  “yes, I’m Canadian”,  and in doing so you are showing the quality of your work. Canada has a long and proud international history, one that we need to continually build on and raise our glasses to.

So when it comes to purchasing your next web domain, make sure it’s .ca – you will reap the rewards of your pride.