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Jon Waldman is a Marketing Strategist with Cohesive. Every day, he helps clients from a variety of industries make an impact in their online and traditional marketing. Contact Jon today at 204 992 6400 to learn more about the marketing services he can provide for you!

Are You Using Your Network Effectively?

networkThe subject of today’s blog gives a fairly common question but one that everyone should ask themselves on a regular basis.

The reality is 99% of us, whether we admit it or not, aren’t using our networks to the fullest extent. Sure, we’ll pipe up when a question comes about of a specific need and say, ‘I have a guy,’ but that’s one of the few times we’ll actively promote who we have in our back pocket for this task or another.

There’s a reason why we do this, of course – the last thing anyone wants to be perceived as is the boastful “I know this person” namedropper.

But that shouldn’t be a hindrance to our ability to think two steps ahead as a project is announced and marketing plans begin to form.

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What Is Your Business Doing Black Friday?

Welcome to November – the start of the march to the holiday giving season.

shopping-cart-cohesiveThat’s right folks. It may seem unfair but Halloween for retailers is now a distant memory. Sure, there may still be chocolate wrappers sitting in your garbage can but reality is that all the paraphernalia for the season has either started appearing on store shelves or has been sitting in storage for a couple weeks, ready for turnover.

Now before we get to the proverbial “main event” – the week before Christmas and the afterglow of Boxing Day – we get Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Traditionally a time for American consumers to do all their shopping, Black Friday is so named because, simply put, it was the time when retail sales would put companies “in the black” for the remainder of the year. Sale prices would be implemented but were done with enough margin left for profit. Cyber Monday emerged as online shopping opportunities blossomed in recent years.

For years, Canadian retailers either didn’t participate in Black Friday / Cyber Monday hooplah, but recently that trend has changed as the borders fell with online shopping and the Loonie reached (close to) parity with the greenback, along with stores and services finally embracing the trend.

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Sampling: Does It Work For Your Marketing?

Sample Marketing - Cohesive MarketingOver the years, I’ve learned one thing about Winnipeggers that stands head and shoulders above any other advertising tactic – we as a people love free stuff.

Forget couponing or Grouponing – if we can get something at no cost we’re sure to indulge in it, even if it’s just a small taste of what a full experience can be.

Yes friends, this blog is all about samples, and whether they work or not.

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“How Did You Hear About Us?”

The question that serves as the title for this blog entry is one that we’re all familiar with, but is it one that we’re all using in our customer/prospect response? If not, it should be part of your standard language.

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Are You Recruiting with Your Website?

The recruiting world has been evolving in the last couple years thanks to the growth of LinkedIn and sites like Habitually, job seekers will sign up for e-blasts from these outlets or routinely check them.

These sites are, unquestionably, great for getting exposure in your search, but they should not be your only source for posting – rather, you should be using your own website as well.

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The Evolution of Language and Your Marketing

While studying at Ryerson University, a few buddies of mine reflected that, with the growth of instant messaging, there needed to be a better way to express emotion in text.

At this point, Internet writing was still in its infancy, before writing in CAPITAL LETTERS MEANT YOU WERE SHOUTING or that bold or italicizing were preferred methods for emphasis.

The one we really concentrated on, however, was sarcasm. Sure, we were surly folk who had a shared keen sense of humour, but there was validity to our plight.

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The Challenge for ALS

Over the last couple weeks, a viral phenomenon emerged on social media – the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Easily one of the most successful campaigns in the (brief) history of social cause rally, people from across the world, from politicians to high schoolers and everyone in between, have shot videos of themselves dousing their bodies with ice water in the name of a challenge or donation or both. The momentum generated has been monumental to say the least. According to a article, $53.3 million USD has been donated to the ALS Association since July 29th (amount accurate as of August 25).

While the number is staggering and is easily applaudable, there comes an interesting dynamic that assuredly ALS foundations are already exploring – Summer 2015.

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A Case of Soft Launch in a Hard-Hitting Business

One of the questions that always comes when one unleashes a new brand is the question of soft launch or hard launch.

Hard launches come with a sudden, impactful change, often with a company announcement and immediate, synchronized change of all appearances, while Soft launches, however, will happen over time with more subtlety.

Over the last half year or so, I’ve been tracking one of these soft launches and I thought I’d share with you how this particular brand change has occurred, especially since it’s for an organization you wouldn’t expect to be making a slow transition – WWE.

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Presentation Do’s and Don’ts

Those who are avid viewers of Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den or similar pitch shows know how important proper presentation is when you’re in front of a potential financial backer. Those who don’t watch these shows, this is a very important blog for you to read.

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Happy Returns – Marketing a Comeback

In case you didn’t hear last week, LeBron James has come back to Cleveland.

Arguably the most talented player in all the NBA has re-signed with his one-time home club, touching off a storm of positive and negative responses from basketball pundits and fans alike.

The good news is that the Cavaliers, from now until October, have a measure of hype unseen since King James’ first entered the NBA. The bad news is their marketing department has a monumental task ahead of them – re-introducing LeBron to a market that had fire in their eyes every time he stepped on the court for the Miami Heat.

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