Marketing Tips for Fall

marketing-tipsFall is one of my favourite seasons. Reasons why I love October in particular is because of how beautiful it looks with all the colourful leaves, making the switch to fall clothes, celebrating my husband’s birthday (which happens to be on the long weekend), Thanksgiving and Halloween, plus there is a ton of stuff to do in Winnipeg this month.

With all that is going on, this could be a good time to take advantage of the season with your marketing. However, keep in mind that many other businesses may be thinking the same thing. This is a good opportunity to showcase what’s unique about what your company does and that will set you apart from everyone else. Also, the message needs to make sense for your business. Here are some tips to give you some inspiration for your marketing this fall.

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The T&A of marketing!

For any skeptics that don’t believe in advertising or if you understand how valuable it can be to the success of your business, you will want to read on:

The T&A of Marketing

So what is the T&A of Marketing?

The T&A of marketing is Track and Adjust.

The marketing plan you created 3 years ago, even 6 months ago, may or may not still be relevant today. If you don’t track and review on a continual basis, how will you know what your Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) is?

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Using the Cardinal Sins in Marketing

Pleasure-is-the-Bait-of-Sin-Plato-quoteAlso referred to as the “7 deadly sins”, they’re not generally something that people like to talk about, but I suspect that 99% of the world’s population is committing at least one of these sins on a daily basis.

Emotion drives action, so logic dictates that if we can create a marketing message that stirs emotion, we should have action as our result.

GREED: This is an easy one; it feeds into our love of possessions. Focus on communicating your company’s benefits as tangible items or possessions and you’ve got the idea. “Our preventive maintenance program puts money in your pocket!” is true in a roundabout way, and if someone sees value in the statement, then voilà! …New customer.

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Content, now it’s relevant?

26741417_sLately, let’s say in the last month or so, I have seen a number of marketing industry pundits talking about content marketing and how that is the current need of all marketing effort. And, some are even saying that content is the latest trend, fad or whatever and that content is now the most important tool in your marketing kitbag. Really? Now it’s important?

It’s always been important. Maybe not practised by all (tricks & gimmicks were once the rave) but certainly the more successful organizations have always understood the value of the content. Both good marketing companies and successful product and service companies have always understood that their marketing has to be rich in content to be rich in value for the end customer. That is, your customer. Continue reading

Building a “Cohesive” Strategy

StrategyImageCreating a plan could best be described as artwork and you are trying to create that piece de resistance. Along your creative journey you begin to realize that if this is going to be a successful plan it will take more then just your expertise in tactics and strategy, and in fact, you realize there is a science behind all of this.

Think of your business like a sports team, and your goal is to become a legacy in your industry. You need your management team to properly plan and bring together the right team resources, technology, and human capital. They also need to create the organization’s philosophy and be able to communicate and achieve buy in from all stakeholders. Continue reading

For the Love of Handwritten Script

script_handwritingGrowing up, my sisters and I always had calligraphy sets on hand. We had a wide selection of pen tips, coloured ink and paper along with instructions on how to create the various styles of calligraphy. Even though we never really used this type of writing in our everyday life, I enjoyed practicing the skill. Thanks to social media, I am able to follow type artists daily and be inspired by their work. Learning cursive script in school is becoming or may already be obsolete, which I feel is a shame. Handwriting presents such a beautiful form of expression and style. I am always happy to see typefaces that mimic handwriting being used in design and advertising.
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A Client Case Study / Success Story

client case study / success storyApproximately a year ago I had a coffee with someone I have known for awhile, but never done business with. They started telling me about their new position with a National company and the challenges they were having keeping up to the hiring demand for one type of position in their growing business. After making a promise that I could help, we reviewed the current advertising spend for recruitment. I wasn’t shocked to hear that they had no measurement in place to see what was working and what wasn’t, but wished it was so we had a starting point. All activities were traditional methods and with the target audience being 50+ year old males for the most part I knew I may be up for a challenge presenting a strategy that adapted to new media (Do we still have to call it that?!). Continue reading

The Use of Social Media During Election Campaigns

social-media-550767_1280We are still several weeks away from the Federal Election but you can already get a sense of the how each political party has embraced the power of social media.  Every morning for the past few months there seems to be someone engaged with the political landscape that has either created a new meme, or a video short slandering the opponent they dislike. That post is created and within hours it’s showing up in your news feed because a friend of a friend has either shared it or liked it.  Now that’s powerful and effective communication.

In 2008 Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was considered the first electoral campaign to use social media as part of their communication strategy. In 2014 Brian Bowman synergized politics with marketing to help win his mayoral election campaign. Regardless of whether you agree with every move or decision the candidate makes, the benefit of the strategy is engagement and emotional connection with the target market. Continue reading