Are you impacting customer acquisition?

However large your company, there can only be one vision of your customer that must span your entire organization, all channels and all potential points of contact. After all, your customer profile fits in with your brand and different views of your customer could lead to brand fragmentation.

untitledTechnology has a tendency to facilitate functional silos in a company and this can lead to increased difficulty in dealing with customers. In fact, it leads to isolation from the customer. All of what you do, needs to be organized around your customer, not how you do things or the internal channels that exist in your company. Nobody really cares how or why you do things the way you do. It’s all about what the customer needs and wants from you; not what you need.

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Telltale Signs That You Need to Outsource Your Marketing

I’m about to tell another “while I was driving to work” story, but what can I say, Winnipeg traffic sometimes offers lots of time to think.

SUMMER-SALE-ON-NOWAs I was driving by a Winnipeg watering hole, I noticed they had their very own digital billboard on their building – what a great marketing asset! The rotating message, however, said: “Come and celebrate Halloween with us! Friday, October 31st, Prizes for Best Costume!”

The fact that we are currently being inundated with Black Friday shopping messages now makes this billboard the antithesis to a marketing asset – this business owner has become their own liability.

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Top 5 reasons to why use social media for business

Sometimes I’m asked: “Why social media for my business?” and “Is it the next big thing or just a marketing tactic that will eventually fade away?”

Many will argue that social media is hard to track return on investment or they admit that they are scared of the new medium and how to best utilize.

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Are You Using Your Network Effectively?

networkThe subject of today’s blog gives a fairly common question but one that everyone should ask themselves on a regular basis.

The reality is 99% of us, whether we admit it or not, aren’t using our networks to the fullest extent. Sure, we’ll pipe up when a question comes about of a specific need and say, ‘I have a guy,’ but that’s one of the few times we’ll actively promote who we have in our back pocket for this task or another.

There’s a reason why we do this, of course – the last thing anyone wants to be perceived as is the boastful “I know this person” namedropper.

But that shouldn’t be a hindrance to our ability to think two steps ahead as a project is announced and marketing plans begin to form.

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Original or imitation – maybe a little of both

Recently, a friend highlighted a quote from American novelist Herman Melville via her email newsletter that brought a number of thoughts together for me.untitled

We have all seen and likely remember those really creative marketing pieces or campaigns, whether in print, online or on television. But have you ever wondered how they came up with the theme or the idea? We’ve put together some really great pieces, print ads, videos and online and I can tell you that the creative process is a very interesting one to observe. It’s almost never one person and the process is the key. We call it the collaborative process.


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Intrapreneur You Say?

IntrapreneursMany LinkedIn users have been taking advantage of the publishing option resulting in some fascinating articles, as well as some very redundant diatribes. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much value I’m getting on a regular basis from the selection of posts. I was reading one such article a couple of weeks ago and out of the whole mass information, one word jumped out at me – Intrapreneur. Was that a typo or a new definition I wasn’t aware of. To my absolute fascination, Wikipedia unveiled my true identify. I am an Intrapreneur and proud of it.

What is an Intrapreneur? According to, it is an inside entrepreneur who uses entrepreneurial skills without incurring the risks associated with it. Or better yet, Richard Branson defines an Intrapreneur as the secret change agent and credits the success of  Virgin to the these innovators. Continue reading

Emotional = 2x more sales

Right now there are people searching the internet for your product or service. Let’s say you have done everything right on the SEO side of things and you get lots of qualified traffic to your website.

2x more sales

Is the content on your website evoking emotion?

Why does this matter?

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What Is Your Business Doing Black Friday?

Welcome to November – the start of the march to the holiday giving season.

shopping-cart-cohesiveThat’s right folks. It may seem unfair but Halloween for retailers is now a distant memory. Sure, there may still be chocolate wrappers sitting in your garbage can but reality is that all the paraphernalia for the season has either started appearing on store shelves or has been sitting in storage for a couple weeks, ready for turnover.

Now before we get to the proverbial “main event” – the week before Christmas and the afterglow of Boxing Day – we get Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Traditionally a time for American consumers to do all their shopping, Black Friday is so named because, simply put, it was the time when retail sales would put companies “in the black” for the remainder of the year. Sale prices would be implemented but were done with enough margin left for profit. Cyber Monday emerged as online shopping opportunities blossomed in recent years.

For years, Canadian retailers either didn’t participate in Black Friday / Cyber Monday hooplah, but recently that trend has changed as the borders fell with online shopping and the Loonie reached (close to) parity with the greenback, along with stores and services finally embracing the trend.

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Online Video Works!

I consider myself to be a very good handyman, able to repair just about any household item and having built a number of structures. Our refrigerator was making a clicking noise when the door was opened and nothing I could think of appeared to be the cause. So time to go online and see what I could find out.

Of course, because I was pretty certain I could fix it, I started looking for the parts catalogue so I could see the exploded breakdown and make a reasonably educated guess as to the offending part. I did find the parts catalogue and also found a couple of videos (from one of the online appliance parts stores). I decided that it could not hurt to have a look; might even learn something. Continue reading

A Royal Rejuvenation – Cohesive Launches New Imperial Steel Website!

We’re very proud to announce our latest website launch – Imperial Steel Products.

Imperial Steel manufactures steel tubing for a variety of applications, and has a strong global presence in the agricultural and automotive industries.

screen-shot-for-blog-Oct-2014Cohesive relished the opportunity to rejuvenate the Imperial Steel website to show what an industry leader they have become. The ability to obtain quote requests and inquiries online, the ability to showcase what sets them apart in the industry, and the ability to keep their customers up-to-date with the latest news were all considered priorities for the updated site.

This family-owned business began in 1932 in the midst of the Great Depression and has weathered many storms in the decades since. The company is prominent in the tubing supply industry, and over the years many manufacturers began to design their equipment with specifications to match the company’s tubing options so that they could always rely on the quality of Imperial Steel’s products.

Imperial Steel continues to expand its product offering and delve into new markets and industries, always finding ways to bring innovation to customers.

The fourth generation is now poised to learn the family business and customers can be assured that the fundamentals will never change – you can put your trust in Imperial Steel products because Quality is a Tradition.

Congratulations Imperial Steel on your new website, we’re so happy to have been a part of the process!

Does your website need rejuvenation? Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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