Are You Connecting or Collecting?

sociallisteningblogSocial media management and social listening, what’s the difference?

Marketer’s simply do not have enough time to sift through heaps of data to analyze and properly determine a course of action based on their key findings. Utilizing  tools that collect more then just comments and mentions can help the marketer analyze the key findings which will significantly add value to your content and overall customer experience.

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The Path to Purchase, What Influences The Customer’s Decision?

path to purchaseBlack Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day and Valentine’s Day. In my family, on top of all of this, we have a whole bunch of birthday celebrations in between these holidays. It’s a busy time for everyone. It’s also a time to pull out your wallets, because we’ve entered the season for spending. When thinking about your marketing strategies, understanding your customer’s path to purchase can help you convert shoppers to buyers.

Customers are informed shoppers

When deciding to buy, many consumers start by looking at various websites. Or, perhaps they already know which website to look at. Whatever the case, they are doing their research online before a purchasing decision is made. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Retail Council of Canada’s Store Conference in Toronto and this was part of the discussions that always resonated with me. Many consumers already know which brands that they are considering. If you are not top of mind, you may not even be on their list. This is the time when you need to really stand out above your competition. It’s your opportunity to be memorable about your brand, what you do and what you offer. Perhaps finding a way to personalize your customer’s experience may be what you need to set you apart.

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We are a Google Partner!


Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants, trusted by Google; trusted for their online expertise and a commitment to ongoing learning and skills development. It shows our business is healthy, our clients are happy, and that we follow Google best practices. The badge recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products.

Google Partners are in the business of being ‘in the know’. Partner agencies stay up to date on the latest Google tools and products by passing Google-administered certification exams. Proven success is what puts Partners above the rest. They use industry best practices to manage campaigns and focus on helping you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Partners stay ahead of the curve by working directly with Google. With access to ongoing professional development and product updates, Partners stay on top of what’s going on with Google.

We are proud to be a trusted Google™ Partners Certified Agency.

Letter from a former client (Good and Bad)

We all hate losing clients. We work hard to obtain them and hope the work speaks for itself. In one case we thought we were doing well with a particular clients online marketing program. We met with them every quarter and reported on our activities and results and talked about content ideas and marketing strategies for the next quarter. We had always had positive results and leads to share. Regardless, one day I got a message that they were cancelling our service because the owner thought it would be a good idea to support a local web company.

I was disappointed at first, because I believed we were doing a good job for a fair price. I did ask some questions to make sure his local web company was going to provide similar services so that they were going to continue positioning well with the search engines and keep generating leads from the online activities. The client assured me that they know what they are doing, they are a little cheaper and they are local. I didn’t see the point in arguing and wished him well.

Eight months have gone by and I received an email from this past client last week, with comments like “We used to own half the Google page and now we are dwindling” and “we want to be it, when people are looking for …”. The frustration was obvious.

I reviewed their website to see what had been done in the past eight months and tried to determine what the issues were. Well, to start with, there was very little activity on the website.

Guess what; both your target audience and the search engines like fresh, relevant content.

Some of the activities that we helped this client with from the online service side of things previously was, creating relevant content (information about the industry, products and services that the consumer would be interested in), posting it to the website and social media accounts, making web edits when required, optimizing new content, submitting site maps to the search engines, keyword ranking strategies and social media management.

Good: They are coming back to us.

Bad: The client thought that he was getting a better deal, because the costs was a little lower, but as it turns out with the lower cost, they got very little activity and they lost rankings or as the client put it “dwindling”. Better keyword rankings are achieved with solid online practices. This has turned out to be a costly mistake.

Of course we are happy to help (again).

I’ll leave you with this:
Warren Buffet

Reboot Your Marketing for Quality Results

marketing-file-on-laptop-shows-advertising-plansI’m always interested in how organizations handle their marketing strategies and tactics. If you’re responsible for the marketing at your organization, do you have a typical course of action, or do you change things up based on social climate, pop culture, seasonality, and the like?

Obviously, I believe that the vast majority of businesses should outsource their marketing, if only because an impartial set of eyes really helps to recognize and highlight the idiosyncrasies and uniqueness that exists in all organizations.

Oftentimes, the people who are employed by an organization will have a “filtered view” of the company, and will not be able to see the company through the eyes of the consumer, whether your marketing is B2B or B2C.

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Are you B2C or B2B?

B2HumanAre you a B2B or a B2C type of company? Do you sell to businesses or to consumers? What difference does it make! The business doesn’t make the decision to buy; people do, in both cases. So why have we focused on putting definitions and barriers around what we do? Why not step back a bit and realize that all purchases are made by humans, people with emotions, with needs, with desires and who are looking to you to fill that need.

Ok, so what, you say? The so what part is the focus is now on the customer, the person buying the product or service we sell. So when we are dealing with people, we have to be aware of their needs (not ours) and what problem or issue they are trying to solve. And in doing this, because of all of the information available very quickly today, we have to create an engagement very quickly with them or they will move on. And if we do not buy in to this now, they will move on. We have to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. That drives real engagement. It’s all about the relationship with the customer, the human being, which will determine our success. Continue reading

007 Marketing Lessons


Hard to imagine James Bond originally started as a series of novels back in the 1950′s. In 1962 the world was introduced to Bond, James Bond and as they say, the rest is history, becoming one of the biggest, most iconic movie series possibly ever made.

What is even crazier to think about is the success of this franchise began long before the internet even existed, yet it has evolved with the era and everything about this fictional character is brought to life through marketing strategies. Everything is branded, from his name having a logo, to his drink, to his introduction, to a theme song, and after fifty years we became privy to even smelling like a secret agent.

With the new release of the 24th James Bond film I have put together seven marketing strategies that small to medium sized businesses can learn from James Bond for their next mission. Continue reading

5 Major Signs Your Marketing is Stuck In the 90s

got milk?Oh the 90s. Famous shows come to mind like Friends, The Simpsons and Seinfeld. So many unforgettable movies were released during this time. How could you not like Cher from Clueless?  People listened to Hip Hop and Grunge. Bill Clinton, Tonya Harding and OJ Simpson made big news. It was an exciting time for technology as well. We were experiencing the beginnings of the World Wide Web. This would change the marketing and advertising landscape for businesses everywhere.

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Give Your Audience Value with Good Content

Have you heard the term: “Content is king” and not sure what that means?

Let me see if I can help you understand what that means and how you can benefit from it.

If you create content in which your target audience finds interesting, relevant and valuable enough to read, view, listen too, etc. you are engaging them. Now you are more top-of-mind with them and closer to closing the deal.

Content comes in different forms, such as a: blog, video, report, eBook, case study, sound clip, white paper, email newsletter or infographic and the information is interesting or important to the viewer. Continue reading