Is Your Website Healthy?



When you look at your personal health, you may think about what you eat or not eat, how much to eat, taking vitamins or supplements to get nutrients you may be lacking in your diet, how often to exercise, what type of exercise, how much rest to get, dealing with stress, balance and so on.

I have an interest in this subject, as I look at my personal health as my job to look after, not someone else’s. Although if you want or need help there are options.

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Get the Buzz Out

Is it just me, or has the world exploded with buzzwords lately? Thanks to that whole short attention span thing that society is rocking right now, we feel the need to make every concept into a word or phrase just to speed things along.

Buzz-LightyearI’m not sure why, because once we arrive at our destination so speedily, turns out that nobody understands a gall darn thing because they’ve been led down a path laden with buzzwords.

I would stop short of calling buzzwords useful, at best they can sometimes be amusing. I would put “herding cats” at the top of my list, not because of its usefulness in depicting a state of affairs, (because in all honesty, who REALLY understands herding cats) but because it conjures a funny image.

As for the litany of marketing buzzwords in play right now, I could do without them entirely. What good is it for someone to throw words at you like SEO, responsive, viral, ROI, PPC, blah blah blah, if we just nod our heads in agreement thinking, “I have no idea what this person is saying to me, but I feel like I should know, so I’ll just smile and nod.”

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Should Offline be part of your marketing?

26715531_sWhile the Internet’s impact on marketing is undeniable, it may be exaggerated. Even though the arrival of online seemed to signal the end of traditional marketing (print and other outdated modes), a significant number of marketing campaigns, and companies large and small, are using offline as an important component in their marketing mixes.

Business today must have an online presence, its own website at a minimum. And the vast majority of your prospects and customer are in fact online, but while almost 78% of Canadians access the Internet spending almost 40 hours browsing the Web each month, that leaves almost 10 million people who cannot be reached by online marketing. Continue reading

Would you do business with your business?

ID-100224081That’s a mouthful of a title, I know.  Today I am asking, when was the last time you looked at your business as a customer?

When you are making decisions on a product or service, how do you choose who to do business with? What are the deciding factors? A well-known name, word of mouth or advertising?  Or could it be the quality, the customer service or a niche offering?  How do you feel about your brand? If you don’t fully believe in your brand 110%, then how can you convince someone else to? Let’s step into the shoes of your customer.

First of all, can anyone find you? Do they even know you? If you asked strangers on the street, would anyone know your business exists? If not, you need to get the word out about how you can help solve your customer’s problems. Advertise in the right spots, where you know you can reach your target customers. How is your business performing online? If potential customers are searching for your type of business, could they find you?

Take a hard look at your website. Customers get really frustrated when a website is not easy to navigate. Do you need to click on several links before you can find what you are looking for? If so, you’ve been lucky that your customers have the patience to do that.  In today’s day and age, everyone is quickly scanning information so if it is not readily available, they are on to the next website. Make sure your website is user friendly so you don’t get your customers annoyed. For pages with lots of text, make good use of headings and subheadings so information is broken up and easier to read.

Hey, what about being rewarded for just being a customer? I love a deal so when I get sent a coupon or current promotion it makes me think twice. It’s especially good if I’ve already established loyalty towards this business. Does it change my purchasing decision? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. But at least you’ve given me the option to think about it, even when I wasn’t. If I do end up making a purchasing decision because of that promotion, then you’re golden. Now, imagine all the possibilities you may have with your business.

Now that you’ve looked at your business as a customer, what would you change?

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New website – now what do you do?

Now what

You have launched your website – Congrats!
Now what?

This can be your biggest asset as a marketing to and there are some key things that can help you increase your opportunity for success.

Have a content plan – don’t leave your website as is. Increasing qualified traffic to your website and improving search engine rankings can be achieved by adding relevant, engaging content.

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Apologies in Advance

Social-Media-Icons-globeI’ll apologise straight away because today’s blog topic is social media. I know, yawnsville, right? Here’s just another marketer with another opinion about social media.

But don’t leave yet! Today I want your opinion, so bear with me for a moment.

We had a rousing discussion in the office this morning about social media. What does it mean to people? What does it mean to business owners? What does it mean to corporations? Do all of these entities use it differently based on goals? What’s the ‘pièce de résistance’ in terms of payoff that one can expect from social media, be it personal or business?

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Marketing Thoughts for 2015

It’s the time of year when predictions for the coming year are popping up all over. In the world 13966430_mof online marketing, lots of predictions and focus points are being talked about and there are a couple of themes that are common. But with the pervasive online world, what do you believe and more importantly, what might you act on.

Understanding what works for you and your business are more important than ever. There are a growing number of options for your marketing dollar and you need to narrow your focus to get a return on your investment. The main themes are about content and the various digital platforms available, particularly in the world of social media. Social media is here and growing but what works for you is key to your marketing success.

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Is it Time to “Sack” Your Existing Marketing Strategy?

Today’s the most important day on the calendar if you’re a coach in the National Football League – it’s the day where your future hangs in the balance.

football-helmet-blogThe day after the NFL regular season closes has become infamous for being Black Monday – the day when teams not bound for the playoffs put their head coach under that microscope and determine their fate.

As of 10am central this morning, three coaches had already met their fate while San Francisco announced a parting of ways last night almost immediately after the final whistle.

Much the same way that NFL teams take time in the waning days of their season to determine pieces that will be shifted after their season ends, so too should you be looking at your marketing strategy; and this is the time of year to do it.

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Need an effective way to grow your business?


Is business slow and it’s not the normal slow season? Maybe it’s just a matter of reminding your clients and prospects that you’re a good fit to help solve an issue they may be having.

Everyone is busy these days, so connecting with them in a way that doesn’t aggravate them is important.

An effective way Continue reading