Relax, it will happen, or will it?

You just launched your beautiful website, lots of attractive imagery and the writing is fantastic. Wow, it looks great!! Where are the customers? Guess you just have to be patient, they will come.

Do you really think so? Maybe? If you have the only one of its kind product or service and people or business cannot live without it, they will come.

Marketing is a constant, consistent and cohesive process, that’s right, it’s a process. It’s not an event; it may be a series of events that could lead to an introduction and a discussion about what your potential customer needs or actually wants but it is still a process.

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Getting Back to the Future of Marketing – Customer Centric

One thing I’m actively trying to change in myself these days is my ability to maintain a connection to the human side of things. We’re all so wrapped up in technology, data, analytics, etc., that we are sometimes guilty of losing sight of exactly why we’re in business – our iStock_000008092663XSmallcustomers.

But in my many years of marketing various industries via various mediums, there has always been a fine line between knowing your target audience and knowing your target audience.

I know, I just said the same thing twice.

Because “know your target audience” is one of those catchphrases, or industry jargon, if you will, that does actually mean something, but its overuse sometimes makes it meaningless.

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Want Your Customers to Buy More from You? Understand Their Habit Loop

Habit Loop

“The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg is a fantastic book if you’re looking for a summer read. I just started reading it last week and have learned so much already!

The book is a good study in habits – what they are, why they are formed, where they reside and how they function. Having this understanding is essential for us, both in our own personal lives and in business when we want to create new habits.

Every habit, whether big or small, has three different components:

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Electronic Brochure or Lead Generating tool?

The days of just having an online presence are long gone.  I consider a website that doesn’t change an electronic brochure and Google does as well. The majority of people do some research online before purchasing a product or service. So having a website that has up to date information is important and two key things you must think of:

1) Are you giving the online viewer the opportunity to easily request any additional information they need in order to finalize their decision?

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Happy Returns – Marketing a Comeback

In case you didn’t hear last week, LeBron James has come back to Cleveland.

Arguably the most talented player in all the NBA has re-signed with his one-time home club, touching off a storm of positive and negative responses from basketball pundits and fans alike.

The good news is that the Cavaliers, from now until October, have a measure of hype unseen since King James’ first entered the NBA. The bad news is their marketing department has a monumental task ahead of them – re-introducing LeBron to a market that had fire in their eyes every time he stepped on the court for the Miami Heat.

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The Plan to Rebrand

As you may have seen, our new brand has launched this week and I couldn’t be more proud.

Branding WinnipegAs a Marketing Agency, we love to work with our customers to create and execute strategic brand evolutions as you can see in Our Work and Case Studies. There is nothing more exciting to see the impact a new look and feel can have both on the business success and morale.

Today I want to share some thoughts on the plan to rebrand.

Rebranding is more than just changing a logo or tagline – it’s creating a culture. Understanding why you’re rebranding is the first step in the process, you’ll need this when communicating the new message to employees and customers. Continue reading

Beautiful Beginnings are the Catalyst to Success

What an exhilarating week! This past Tuesday, July 8th, Cohesive Marketing was officially launched as our new company brand, and the team couldn’t be more proud and excited.

As our President so succinctly put it, we finally got to do to ourselves, what we do to our clients every day!

The past few months and weeks have been a flurry of constant activity – working hard to go above and beyond for our clients, while at the same time, doing all of the tasks involved in a company rebrand exercise. If you’ve never been involved in a company rebrand, it’s a lot of work, but it’s also been a lot of fun.

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Hep Rebrands to Cohesive

Winnipeg Marketing Agency

We did it to ourselves

Several months ago, we started the inward looking process of defining who we are and what we do.  In other words, what our brand is. Now, isn’t that a novel concept, apply what you do to yourself.

We found that we had grown beyond building websites and that we have been providing complete marketing solutions to a broader base of clients for some time now. We decided that the best way to tell our story was to make sure that we understood, in detail, what we do, who we do it for and why do we do it.

We knew that our roots were firmly in the online world, specifically websites, but that we had grown to encompass most, if not all, of the marketing components you would expect a full service marketing agency to deliver. Continue reading

Oscars! Space Jump! Canada Day?

I can’t help but look for brands marketing themselves at events and what they are doing to standout in the crowd.

Being in the right place, at the right time can have huge impact for increasing brand awareness and sales, but these marketing initiatives usually take planning and clever creative.

Take Samsung at the Oscars with the now famous Ellen selfie – that product placement was brilliant. No it wasn’t a iPhone – do you think that helped Samsung?


Another event marketing opportunity that was done really well was Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump – Red Bull was part of this huge event from beginning until end.

So on Canada Day, when I headed over to Assiniboine Park to watch the fireworks, I looked around to see if any brand was making an effort to stand out in the big crowd ( I believe this event averages 80,000 – 100,000 people each year). I wasn’t disappointed with the fireworks display, but I didn’t notice any brand trying to stand out at this event at prime time. Seems like a missed opportunity.

If you’re looking for ideas to launch your brand to the next level, let’s talk.

The Pride of .ca - Made in Canada
You’ll have to pardon the patriotic nature of this post – it comes with the territory of posting the day before Canada Day.

At times brands that have a presence both in Canada and the U.S. and one of the trepidations that occurs is branding oneself as being ‘too Canadian’. For whatever reason, we can sew a Canadian flag on our backpacks, we can put “Made in Canada” on labels but when it comes to online marketing, even something as basic as a domain extension, there is a jolt of ‘are we sure we want to do this?’

The funny thing is, more than ever, we’re no longer living in the ‘dot com’ world – rather we’re in the ‘dot somethingorother’ realm. Continually, hosts are coming up with new extensions that we all want to buy into, and to an extent we do, if for no other reason than to protect our business names from being bought up by unsavoury companies who’d charge larger amounts that standard retailers.

It almost seems counter intuitive to patriotize yourself in the global community. How many American companies do you see, for example, that have “.us” as part of their website address?

Here’s the reality folks – the same way we wear the red and white proudly in our business’s daily life is the same thing we should do online. Is there nothing that says “I am Canadian” more than dot ca in the virtual world?

When you choose to brand your online presence with the Canadian extention, you say to the world,  “yes, I’m Canadian”,  and in doing so you are showing the quality of your work. Canada has a long and proud international history, one that we need to continually build on and raise our glasses to.

So when it comes to purchasing your next web domain, make sure it’s .ca – you will reap the rewards of your pride.