The power of social media – it’s pervasive

Social-Media-Icons-globeLately, the world of online marketing has been more focused on social media, its influence and impact on our world and that it is something that business not only needs to start paying attention to but they should jump on the bandwagon or be left in their competitors’ dust.

Late last week, over this past weekend and today, it become very evident, in Winnipeg, that the speed, reach and effective use of social media is definitely here and can be a positive thing. A horrific event was unfolding as we worked late in the afternoon on Friday and without Twitter, we likely would have been unaware of what was going on.

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Business. The greatest game in the world.


Playing games is serious business these days.

It’s easy to get excited about winning a game because it’s fun. Your creative juices are flowing, you are thinking two steps ahead and you are on your game.  So why can’t business be fun? Well, typically it becomes so easy to be serious about business that it stops being fun, and when it ceases to be fun it ceases to be creative.

“Business is a game, the greatest game in the world if you know how to play it.” Thomas J. Watson Sr., founder and president, IBM

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Why social media for business? Where do you start?

Why Social Media for businessWith all the social media platforms out there, how do you choose which one is best for your business? Before diving into that, you must know your audience. Once you know that, it can help figure out the right social media platform.

You wouldn’t be marketing to dog owners if you only sell cat food, would you? Probably not. Narrowing in on who is your target market is key to the success of your business especially when planning your advertising and marketing on social media.
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Why Social Media for Business?

Some of our conversations with business owners leads to : why social media for business?


Many business owners still have doubts on the power of social media or have some social media presence but not a real strategy and fumble around with it not sure if they are doing well with it or not.

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Marketing 101: Solve a Problem

problem-and-solution-computer-keys-showing-assistance-and-solving-online_GkReXzPdThe best part of my job is talking to my clients and helping them to solve their daily business challenges. Whether it’s a specific campaign, or simply maintaining a steady stream of leads, the exchange of ideas and finding unique solutions to spur their success is invigorating.

It’s also rather ironic, in the sense that my marketing audience is my client first and foremost, and my greater marketing audience is their audience.

I have to first address my clients’ problems in order to lead us all to the greater goal – which is promoting their business/product/service.

Marketing could be greatly demystified if we were all to keep that one thing in mind:

Solve someone’s problem, and they’ll likely become a fan for life.

I receive a virtual tonne of promotional emails of every kind; retail, daily quotes, fashion, news, etc. Every morning, I do my usual “sweep through” to see if there’s anything noteworthy.

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Mobilegeddon – did it happen yet?

Mobilegeddon_CohesiveMobilegeddon has come and gone and as somewhat expected, not much has happened, yet. The apocalypse did not happen and as is usually the case, will not happen, at least in any significant way.

What we learned over the past couple of months is that more and more people (your customers) are using mobile to find information, products and services online. In fact, Google has said recently that more than half of all online searches are performed using a mobile device. So, it is here to stay and it appears the major search engine player is paying attention. Continue reading

Accomplish Great Marketing with Concepts that Have Staying Power



With 20 years of experience I have seen the marketing landscape drastically change and it makes it hard to do good marketing.  Personal development is critical in order to stay afloat. Upon graduating from university SEO was only in its infancy, and Facebook and Twitter didn’t even exist. Because the landscape can change so quickly it’s important every marketer has a good mix of fundamentals and concepts in order to survive.  Sure, there will be many concepts that will be trendy and some that will naturally evolve. There will be some that you will only need to know at a conversational level, yet no matter the differencing opinions, there are some concepts that have proven stability and staying power.

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The benefits of Google AdWords

The benefits of Google AdWordsWe manage many clients Google AdWords campaigns (also known as: Pay Per Click or PPC) for them and I often get asked if PPC advertising should be done for all companies.

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Emotional Building Blocks to Grow Your Business

blocks-spelling-big-sale-as-symbol-for-discounts-and-promotionsMy fascination with marketing psychology continues.

In my opinion, the psychological responses behind successful marketing are the most important metrics that we should be using to create marketing strategies. Far less importance should be placed upon the endless barrage of convoluted data and analytics that do not capture one’s emotional state while responding favourably to your marketing message.

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